Bottom Line: Howie Hawkins is one of a kind

Howie Hawkins speaks softly. He's looking to get himself a big stick.

Syracuse Post-Standard
Dick Case
2009 October 27th

He's campaigning to be the next councilor on the Common Council from the city's Fourth District. He's run for the job before but this time Howie thinks he's got a shot at it. His opponent is the incumbent, Tom Seals, a sweet man and a retired city police officer with 30 years "on the streets," as Tom puts it. Howie says he's running against Tom, whom he likes as a friend, because he doesn't think the councilor has been a strong advocate for his constituents.

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Hawkins winning 25th Congressional war of wits

It's Howie Hawkins who regularly draws laughs at candidate forums, debates. Political debates are not where one often looks for laughs.

Syracuse Post-Standard 
October 30th, 2008

But in the 25th Congressional District debates, Green Populist candidate Howie Hawkins has been the king of the one-liners. As he, Democrat Dan Maffei and Republican Dale Sweetland argue over health care, the war and the economy, Hawkins has delivered the best punch lines. 

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A Political Independent

Green Party's Hawkins advocates social change in city

Post Standard
By John Mariani
November 4, 2005

Of all the people who could have inspired Howie Hawkins to a lifetime of third-party politics, it's Willie Mays who can claim that distinction.

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Howie Hawkins is the 2017 Green candidate for Syracuse Mayor
Hawkins for Mayor