Don't Let the Political Elite Steal this Grassroots Victory!


Howie Hawkins is an ardent proponent of a Green New Deal to put everyone back to work building green prosperity, halting climate change and making wars for oil obsolete.

Howie is running for Syracuse City Council. He is challenging an incumbent apologist for the economic elite whose campaigns are sponsored by big special interest donations - Syracuse City Councilor, Khalid Bey. As chair of the Economic Development Committee, Bey has championed huge tax breaks for big developers, and refuses to stand up for living wages or local hiring that would ease the crisis in Syracuse, like so many American cities.

Bey has refused to speak out for traditional revenue sharing, staying silent in the face of massive state and federal cuts for schools, housing, and food - while taxes for the wealthy have plummeted even as highest incomes skyrocketed.

Syracuse is a poster child of the urban America most of us live in. Poverty rates have surged to 34%, and 25% of the school workforce has been laid off, steeply tipping the odds against kids already in dire straights, with nearly 55% in poverty, and half failing to graduate high school.

As a city councilor, Howie would lead the charge for strapped cities everywhere, working for a full-employment green economy, health care and education as human rights, taxing the rich to fund schools and critical city services, and worker cooperatives that keep wealth in the community and raise wages by sharing profits.

Howie has been working his way to victory far a decade. He received 14% of the vote in 2001, 41% in 2009. In 2011, he fell only 96 votes short of winning after the same slick, outside professionals came in, funded by unreported cash, to tip the balance against Howie's peoples campaign.

Let's show the political predators their deep pockets are no match for the power of the grass roots.

By contributing now - whether $5 or $500 - you will enable Howie to get out the vote to maintain our momentum towards victory.

Syracuse is a critical frontier in the movement for democracy and justice we are all a part of.

Let's win this for us all.

Upward together!

Jill and Cheri

Green Party 2012 Presidential Team

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Howie Hawkins is the 2017 Green candidate for Syracuse Mayor
Hawkins for Mayor